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Transformers DevastatorDevastator

DEVASTATOR is formed by six Transformer Construction Vehicles merging to become devastator.

One of his formidable weapons is to suck up all of the structures and vehicles within range as seen in Revenge of the fallen at the construction site in Egypt.

In Transformers 2 Mudflap, an autobot is sucked into Devastators mouth, but with some quick thinking and a lot off attitude he blast his way out!

When you get Devastator, you not only have the mighty Transformers Devastator to play with, but six functioning Transformer toys to play with.

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So if they can only have one Transformer toy this year choose this one, or should I say six!

Construction Transformers

Transformer Devastator

The six transformers that combine into the constructicons devastator

Scrapper the construction engineer transformer!

Hook the surgical engineer transformer!

Bonecrusher the demolitions expert transformer!

Scavenger the mining and Salvage transformer!

Long Haul the transport transformer!

Mixmaster the materials fabrication transformer!

Transformers Devastator

You can play with them as the construction transformers or as devastator and replay roles from theDecepticon Devastator film or TV series or make up new ones by yourself or with your friends.


This is one of the biggest Transformers toys ever made. Constructicon Devastator brings the power of the Decepticons to you.

Seen in Revenge of the Fallen, Devastator can disassemble into six, smaller, fully functional Transformer vehicles.

With its motion-activated sounds and movie-accurate detail, this toy is a must-have for any Transformers fan!

Transformers Construticon Devastator

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Transformers Devastator

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